Try out Drupal 8's multilingual features

We prepared a multilingual Drupal 8 demonstration distribution for you with sample data (and raw Google Translated sample text, be warned). Setting up a quick testing version of that on is the easiest way to check out many of the new features.

To see how such a site may be created (and get you guided through most multilingual improvements in Drupal 8), we wrote up a very detailed document that you can grab and follow. It is best to try those out with a fresh copy of Drupal 8's latest development version either on (no registration, test site lives for 30 min) or Acquia Cloud Free (registration required, no time restriction).

Finally, we would love to spread this with people delivering a workshop across the globe. If you want to reproduce a workshop at your company, a Drupal event or a meetup, please do so. We even have some slides on Google Docs that you can copy and fork for your local needs. Let us know via the contact form if you need help.

Video recording of the Amsterdam workshop (2 hours long)

Delivered by Aimee Degnan and Gábor Hojtsy

Video recording of the Bogota workshop (1 hour long)

Delivered by Cathy Theys