Work on and learn Drupal 8 with us!

We work with passionate people from around the globe. The Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative is one of the biggest if not the biggest initiative in Drupal 8 involving people from all kinds of areas. We work with frontend, backend, content, configuration, routing, migrations, you name it! We have tasks on various difficulty levels. We are also very friendly and welcoming. Several of our lead contributors are regular mentors at Drupal sprints. This combination makes us the ideal team to join if you want to help make Drupal 8 happen or want to learn by solving issues (which is the best way).

You can find our team working on Drupal 8 at various events and online on IRC. We hold meetings every Wednesday over the internet. We are looking for people to do patch reviews, provide user interface feedback, do usability testing, accessibility evaluations, API cleanups, and so on! The following people already participated in some way, but we can always use more volunteers! You can also join at one of our events or by helping with one of our sprint issues directly.

Still have questions? No problem, contact us.