Upgrade blockers

These issues are related to the multilingual initiative and block a Drupal 8 upgrade path introduction. Although Drupal 8 is in the beta phase, an upgrade path will only be available later once these issues are resolved. Help appreciated!

Critical issue
Major issue
Current top priority

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

See all these issues also at https://drupal.org/project/issues/search/drupal?issue_tags=D8+upgrade+path%2C+D8MI&issue_tags_op=all+of. This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.

To do

#2545730: Misuse of formatPlural() in Numeric field prefix/suffix
8.5.x-devbug reportNormalneeds worksprintlanguage-config

To review

#2346013: Improve DX of manually applying entity/field storage definition updates
8.4.x-devtaskMajorneeds reviewlanguage-contentAPI additionEntity Field APIDX (Developer Experience)entity storage
#2473989: Lack of dynamic language field / filter makes shipping core views hard to be both compatible with mono and multilingual
8.4.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewVDCUsabilityD8 Accelerate Dev Dayslanguage-contentneeds issue summary updateTriaged D8 majorDrupalCampES

To be committed

Critical issue
Major issue
Current top priority

Other related issues

See all these issues also at https://drupal.org/project/issues/search/drupal?issue_tags=D8+upgrade+path%2C+D8MI&issue_tags_op=all+of. This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.






#532512: Plural string storage is broken, editing UI is missing
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Needs testslanguage-ui
Assigned to andypost
#1067408: Themes do not have an installation status
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Framework InitiativeAPI clean-upConfiguration systembeta blocker
Assigned to sun
#1336170: Add locale module to upgrade tests
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)language-baselanguage-ui
Assigned to rvilar
#1934152: FormBase::config() and ConfigFormBase::config() work entirely differently, may result in unexpected side effects
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (duplicate)securityConfiguration systemlanguage-configNeeds testsGhent DA sprint
#1952062: Remove legacy translation module in favor of content translation
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)upgrade pathbeta blockerlanguage-contentLONDON_2013_AUGUST
#2057401: Make the node entity database schema sensible
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)API changelanguage-contentVDCEntity Field APIApproved API change
#2183983: Find hidden configuration schema issues
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)Configuration systemlanguage-configConfiguration schemaGhent DA sprint
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#2212069: Non-English Drupal sites get default configuration in English, edited in English, originals not actually used if translated
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Configuration systemlanguage-configTriaged D8 critical
#2341323: Adapt the references field / table names in views, when corresponding entity schema changes
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCbeta targetPre-AMS beta sprintEntity Field APIlanguage-contentTriaged D8 criticalGhent DA sprintentity storageD8 Accelerate
#2342045: Standard views base fields need to use same rendering as Field UI fields, for formatting, access checking, and translation consistency
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)VDClanguage-contentsecurityblockerCriticalADayGhent DA sprintentity storagePerformance regression
#2355909: language.settings config is not scalable
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Performancelanguage-configConfiguration systemConfigurablesAPI changeblocker
#2361615: Field type config schemas are not in the base schema
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Configuration systemlanguage-configConfiguration schema
#2363155: content_translation.settings config is not scalable
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Performancelanguage-contentConfiguration systemConfigurablesAPI changeGhent DA sprint
#2381973: View wizard creates 'invalid' views out of the box, missing plugin_ids, insecure permissions
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Configuration schemaConfiguration systemsecuritylanguage-configVDC
#2401497: Field UI creates fields that can never be translated
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIlanguage-contenttranslatable fields
Assigned to plach
#2429447: Use data table as views base table, if available.
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)VDClanguage-contentblockerentity storagePerformanceTriaged D8 critical
#2431329: Make (content) translation language available as a field definition
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIlanguage-contentAPI change
#2453153: Node revisions cannot be reverted per translation
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)language-contentdrupaldevdaysEntity Field APIentity storage
#2555665: When index is added for content_translation_uid, the corresponding stored schema definition is not updated
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)entity storageblockerlanguage-contentTriaged D8 criticalbeta target
#2561129: Composite indexes are not correctly deleted/re-created when updating a field storage definition
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)beta targetentity storageD8 Acceleratelanguage-contentPostgreSQL
#1916790: Convert translation metadata into regular entity fields
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)API changelanguage-contentEntity Field APIbeta targetGhent DA sprint
#2230637: Create a Language field widget and the related formatter
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIbeta targetAmsterdam2014Ghent DA sprint
#2358263: Adding missing configuration schema for views blocks
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (duplicate)Configuration systemlanguage-configConfiguration schema
#2379697: Fix configuration schema issues in block content (indirectly link and field test) modules
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Configuration schemaConfiguration system
#2428795: Translatable entity 'changed' timestamps are not working at all
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)language-contentdrupaldevdaysAPI addition
#2455125: Update EntityViewsData use of generic timestamp to use Field API formatter
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)VDCbeta target
Assigned to mpdonadio
#2457653: System.site langcode is both used as a file language code and a site language code
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)language-config
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#1223502: Update for ripping out textgroup support in Drupal locale module
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)language-uilanguage-config
#1887688: locale_update_8001() references unused block tables
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)upgrade pathBlocks-LayoutsBlock plugins
#1992832: Upgrade from an D7-distribution to D8 - Win7, XAMPP 1.8.1
8.0.x-devsupport requestNormalclosed (won't fix)
#2070737: Change values of LanguageInterface::DIRECTION_(LTR/RTL) to ('ltr'/'rtl')
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)beta target
#2144505: Views does not use the text format type for formatted text
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)VDClanguage-configConfiguration systemConfiguration schema