Novice Issues

A great place to jump in to both Drupal in general and Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative specifically, Novice issues are targeted and usually have a well described course of action. Helpful docs: Drupal Novice Handbook Page and Drupal New contributor tasks Documentation Pages. You won't be alone either; post questions in the comments on the specific issue that looks interesting to you, and some of our experienced contributors will respond. Also, live help is available from mentors in the general Core Office Hours.

Current priority

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.

To do (5)

#1909212: Warn user when sync is enabled on field with previous values, they are not sync'd until one is changed
taskMinorneeds workUsabilityaccessibilitytranslatable fieldslanguage-contentneeds initial patch
#2017477: Multilingual tour for content translation settings
taskNormalactiveNeeds testsD8UX usabilitylanguage-baseTour
Assigned to Mark_L6n
#2017497: Multilingual tour for content translation process
taskNormalneeds workNeeds testsD8UX usabilitylanguage-baseTour

To review (5)

#1920876: Add a tiny bit of state magic in the image.module and hide the Title and Alt groups when the related form items are disabled
bug reportNormalneeds reviewNeeds usability reviewUsabilitytranslatable fieldslanguage-content#SprintWeekenddrupalcampmumbai sprintNeeds testsJavaScript
Assigned to javisr
#2017471: Multilingual tour for language section
taskNormalneeds reviewNeeds testsD8UX usabilitylanguage-baseTourSprintWeekend2014TUNIS_2014_JANUARYMidCamp2014

To be committed (1)

#1832870: Only show source translation column if there are 2 or more source languages (more than n/a and the original language).
taskNormalreviewed & tested by the communityUsabilitytranslatable fieldsSprintWeekend2014TUNIS_2014_JANUARY
Assigned to mauzeh
Current priority

Other related issues

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.

Backport (3)

#404116: Provide default choices on poll translations
6.x-devbug reportMinorneeds reviewneeds backport to D6needs backport to D7language-content
Assigned to c31ck
#1470080: Nothing in locale.api.php belongs there
7.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)language-base
#1672694: Field UI continues to use t() for $instance['label'] in
7.x-devbug reportMinorclosed (fixed)i18nneeds backport to D7

Postponed (6)

#1279624: Add translation filter to content listing admin page
feature requestNormalpostponedUsabilitymontreallanguage-contentVDCchallenging#SprintWeekend
#1852236: Namespace docs standard fix in Config.php
taskMinorpostponedcode cleanupConfiguration systemlanguage-configlanguage-config-follow-up
#1852272: Namespace docs standard fix in ConfigFactory.php
taskMinorpostponedcode cleanupConfiguration systemlanguage-configlanguage-config-follow-up
#2017473: Multilingual tour for user profile page
taskNormalpostponedD8UX usabilitylanguage-baseTour
#2031441: Add unit test for PoHeader::evaluatePlural

Closed (54)

#2017475: Multilingual tour for interface translation section
taskNormalfixedD8UX usabilitylanguage-baseToursprint
#2224607: Move all functions from file to Drupal\content_translation\Controller\ContentTranslationController class
taskNormalclosed (duplicate)translatable fields@deprecatedsprintlanguage-content
Assigned to andrei.dincu
#1864292: Installation in non-English language fails
bug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)
#1785086: Introduce a generic API for interface translation strings
feature requestMajorclosed (fixed)language-uiAcross the finish line
#1387586: Rename drupal_multilingual() to language_multilingual()
taskNormalclosed (fixed)API changeAPI clean-uplanguage-base
#1502816: Add help text explaining the limitations of language negotiation and page caching
taskNormalclosed (fixed)language-basenegotiationNeeds reroll
Assigned to joates
#1552236: Move user language tests to user module
taskNormalclosed (fixed)language-base
#1634190: Long month names in locale.datepicker.js not using context properly
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)language-base
Assigned to LoMo
#1635134: Move date format translation functions from locale to system
taskNormalclosed (fixed)language-base
Assigned to hairqles
#1785966: Missing $language in update_mail()
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Needs testslanguage-base
#1810320: Remove EntityTranslationControllerInterface::getAccess() once have entity access
taskNormalclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsAPI clean-uplanguage-contentEntity Access
#1832614: Unchanged strings on page become customized when editing others
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Needs testslanguage-uimedium
Assigned to smiletrl
#1852288: Namespace docs standard fix in StringStorageInterface.php
taskMinorclosed (fixed)code cleanupConfiguration systemlanguage-configlanguage-config-follow-up
#1869328: Restore simplicity of language list
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)JavaScriptUsabilityNeeds testslanguage-basebudapest2012
#1874102: Rename language switcher blocks (to differentiate content and UI)
taskNormalclosed (duplicate)Usabilitylanguage-configlanguage-contentneeds initial patchbudapest2012
#1876122: Missing new line near enable/disable translation on global field settings tab
taskMinorclosed (won't fix)UsabilityFields in Corestring freezelanguage-content
#1877338: Convert language admin form to new #type 'table'
taskNormalclosed (fixed)API clean-uplanguage-base#pnx-sprint
#1914800: Dropbutton width is smaller than longest item
bug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)Usability
#1938158: Fix code style of image module configuration schema
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Configuration systemlanguage-configConfiguration schema#SprintWeekend
#1938570: Make views active config save format match the default yml file (order and quotes)
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Configuration systemlanguage-configConfig noviceVDC#SprintWeekend
Assigned to derEremit
#1971490: Standardize label of langcode field in schema files.
taskNormalclosed (fixed)Configuration systemlanguage-configConfiguration schema
Assigned to balagan
#1974044: "Account administration pages" detection method confusing
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Quick fixlanguage-base
#2000232: Block schema has two uuid keys
bug reportMinorclosed (fixed)language-config
#2026089: Change the documentation page link in content_translation module
taskNormalclosed (fixed)documentationlanguage-content
#2033137: New installer sidebar not properly RTL
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)frontendlanguage-base
#2046415: Replace unsafe translated strings from Aggregator module
taskMinorclosed (fixed)string freezeD8MI-meta
#2057371: Re-Replace all $.each() with filtered for loop
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)JavaScriptJavaScript clean-up
#2069271: Bugos table column headers in language list
bug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)Quick fixlanguage-base
#2106501: Remove unused hook_install() from field_test module
taskNormalclosed (fixed)language-contentEntity Field API
#2194807: Remove obsolete CSS for language admin form
taskNormalclosed (fixed)language-basefrontend
#2210077: Remove content_translation_menu_alter as hook_menu_alter no longer exists
bug reportNormalclosed (fixed)langauge-contentNeeds testsNeeds manual testing
Assigned to andrei.dincu