Current sprint issues

The issues currently being worked on by our team are marked with 'D8MI' and 'sprint' in the issue queue. Below is a pull-out of just those tasks to help you figure out what the team is working on and what needs reviews and help at the moment. See the beta blockers page for issues blocking the release of Drupal 8 beta1 and are of highest importance.

Critical issue
Major issue

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

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To do

#2473989: Node admin page is broken for multilingual sites
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalneeds workVDCUsabilityD8 Accelerate Dev DaysD8 critical triage deferredlanguage-content
#2403229: language.negotiation configuration can have overrides bleed in
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds workConfiguration systemlanguage-configNeeds testsneeds issue summary update
#2454829: Configuration translation UI does not support plural sources/targets
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds worklanguage-configdrupaldevdays
#2465901: [META] Make entity revision translation work
8.0.x-devtaskMajoractivelanguage-contentEntity Field API
#2468767: English config source strings are saved as custom translations in locale in foreign install
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds worklanguage-configlanguage-uiNeeds tests
#2462279: Not able to create menu link to the frontpage of other languages
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalneeds worklanguage-basemedium

To review

#2428795: Translatable entity 'changed' timestamps are not working at all
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewlanguage-contentD8 upgrade pathdrupaldevdays
#1810394: Exploit hook_entity_prepare_form() to set the form language without having to rely on the current language
8.0.x-devtaskNormalneeds reviewtranslatable fieldsAPI additionAPI clean-uplanguage-contentRTBC July 1drupaldevdaysblocker
Assigned to hchonov
#2420737: Improve UX of views language list
8.0.x-devtaskNormalneeds reviewVDClanguage-contentUsabilityblockerdrupaldevdaysNeeds usability reviewneeds issue summary update
#2474075: preSave() and postSave() not working with ContentEntity translations
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalneeds reviewlanguage-content

To be committed

Critical issue
Major issue

Other related issues

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#2453153: [PP-1] Node revisions cannot be reverted per translation
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorpostponedlanguage-contentdrupaldevdays
#1994292: LanguageInterface::TYPE_URL (D8) and LANGUAGE_TYPE_URL (D7) have no name or description
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalpostponedneeds backport to D7language-base
#2195573: Add a dedicated @LanguageNegotiation annotation class
8.0.x-devtaskNormalpostponedPlugin systemAnnotationlanguage-uidrupaldevdays


#2358265: Some views schemas are (still) missing, maybe
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (won't fix)Configuration systemlanguage-configConfiguration schemaNeeds tests
#2429443: Date format form is unusable
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorfixedJavaScriptlanguage-config
#2446681: TranslationLanguageRenderer doesn't support rendering a field from a relationship
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (cannot reproduce)VDCentity translation
#2470952: Path deletion should be removed in path module after content translation removal
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorfixedlanguage-contentNovicedrupaldevdaysneeds issue summary update