Current sprint issues

The issues currently being worked on by our team are marked with 'D8MI' and 'sprint' in the issue queue. Below is a pull-out of just those tasks to help you figure out what the team is working on and what needs reviews and help at the moment. See the beta blockers page for issues blocking the release of Drupal 8 beta1 and are of highest importance.

Brown/yellow banners represent the four topic areas.

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

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To do (12)

Content language#1498660: Refactor taxonomy entity properties to multilingual
taskNormalneeds workneeds issue summary updatelanguage-content-propertybeta targetNeeds tests
Assigned to marco
Content language#1916790: Convert translation metadata into regular entity fields
taskMajorneeds workAPI changeEntity Field APIbeta target
Content language#1966436: Default *content* entity languages are not set for entities created with the API
bug reportMajorneeds workEntity Field API
Assigned to plach
Content language#2068325: [META] Convert entity SQL queries to the Entity Query API
taskMajoractiveEntity Field API
Content language#2188675: Regression: "Translate" local task always visible, also for entities that do not have translation enabled
bug reportMajorneeds workregressionLONDON_2014_MAY
Assigned to vijaycs85
Content language#2301465: Make comment threading per entity translation
Configuration language#2144413: Add config translation support for Text elements with a filter format
taskMajorneeds workSprintWeekend2014D8MATraitssecurity
Configuration language#2183983: Be stricter about schema issues once a config has schema
taskMajorneeds workConfiguration systemConfiguration schema
Configuration language#2294345: Migrate field_language_fallback variable to D8 properly
taskNormalactiveConfiguration schema
Base language#2251061: arg(0) returns path prefix with Language Path Negotiation enabled
bug reportMajorneeds worklanguage-baseDrupalCampSpain
#2166875: Migrate D6 languages
taskNormalneeds workimp
Assigned to penyaskito

To review (6)

Content language#2160965: Content entities are not upcast in the page language, inconsistent with config entities
bug reportMajorneeds reviewEntity Field APIAPI changebeta target
Content language#2218025: Field language filter/sort/etc. for Views do not work and are not needed
bug reportCriticalneeds reviewVDCNeeds tests
Interface translation#2030537: Translations not downloaded when adding a new language
bug reportMajorneeds reviewneeds issue summary updateNeeds tests
Interface translation#2031441: Add unit test for PoHeader::evaluatePlural
taskNormalneeds reviewphpunit
#2301317: MenuLinkNG part4: Conversion
taskCriticalneeds reviewPerformanceSparkMenuSystemRevampNeeds change recordNeeds change record updates
Assigned to effulgentsia

To be committed (1)

Base language#1833010: Admin user language preference WSOD if ahead of path prefixes
bug reportCriticalreviewed & tested by the communitylanguage-base
Brown/yellow banners represent the four topic areas.

Other related issues

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.

Backport (0)


Postponed (4)

Interface translation#2240459: Strange fallback in UI translation (translation() function bug?)
bug reportNormalpostponed (maintainer needs more info)D8UX usabilityJavaScript
Base language#2107427: Regression: Language names should display in their native names in the language switcher block
bug reportNormalpostponedregressionlanguage-baseConfiguration contextSprintWeekend2014D8SVQ
Base language#2239399: Languages should be sorted by label instead of title
bug reportNormalpostponedlanguage-baseblockerLONDON_2014_MAY

Closed (6)

Content language#2143291: Clarify handling of field translatability
taskCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIDrupalDays Milano 2014beta blocker
Assigned to plach
Content language#2144263: Decouple entity field storage from configurable fields
taskCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIbeta blocker
Assigned to catch
Content language#2217943: Views cannot be filtered by language of translation
bug reportMajorfixedVDCblocker
Configuration language#2294341: Migrate aggregator_category_selector variable to D8 properly
bug reportNormalclosed (won't fix)Configuration schema
Base language#2216541: Fill in topic/@defgroup docs for Internationalization overview
taskNormalclosed (fixed)beta targetlanguage-base
Assigned to jhodgdon