Current sprint issues

The issues currently being worked on by our team are marked with 'D8MI' and 'sprint' in the issue queue. Below is a pull-out of just those tasks to help you figure out what the team is working on and what needs reviews and help at the moment. See the beta blockers page for issues blocking the release of Drupal 8 beta1 and are of highest importance.

Critical issue
Major issue

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

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To do

#2068325: [META] Convert entity SQL queries to the Entity Query API
8.0.x-devtaskMajoractivelanguage-contentEntity Field API
#2144413: Add config translation support for Text elements with a filter format
8.0.x-devtaskMajorneeds worklanguage-configSprintWeekend2014D8MATraitssecurity
#2183983: Find hiding configuration schema issues
8.0.x-devtaskMajorneeds workConfiguration systemlanguage-configConfiguration schema
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#2217569: Field rendering does not obey language of nodes in view results
8.0.x-devbug reportMajoractivelanguage-contentVDCDrupalaton 2014
#2318437: Introduce language cache tag and use it where necessary (was: "Block cache not cleared when editing block configuration translation")
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds worklanguage-configDrupalaton 2014Needs testsD8 cacheabilityPerformance
#2303525: Provide link tags to alternate languages (hreflang) in HTML head
8.0.x-devtaskNormalneeds worklanguage-baseDrupalaton 2014
Assigned to paulmckibben
#2313309: Admin toolbar should always be rendered in the admin language (if set)
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalneeds worklanguage-baseDrupalaton 2014
#2328161: "Enable Translation" checkbox default non-predictable for new bundles
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalneeds worklanguage-contentNeeds tests

To review

#1498720: [meta] Make the entity storage system handle changes in the entity and field schema definitions
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalneeds reviewd8dxlanguage-contentEntity Field APIbeta blockerContributed project blockerDX (Developer Experience)Drupalaton 2014needs issue summary update
Assigned to plach
#1916790: Convert translation metadata into regular entity fields
8.0.x-devtaskMajorneeds reviewAPI changelanguage-contentEntity Field APIbeta target
#2030537: Translations not downloaded when adding a new language
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewlanguage-uiNeeds testsDrupalaton 2014
Assigned to janoka
#2160965: Content entities are not upcast in the page language, inconsistent with config entities
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewEntity Field APIlanguage-contentAPI changebeta targetNeeds tests

To be committed

#2107427: Regression: Language names should display in their native names in the language switcher block
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalreviewed & tested by the communityregressionlanguage-baseConfiguration contextSprintWeekend2014D8SVQ
#2323899: Provided default Node views need language filtering
8.0.x-devtaskNormalreviewed & tested by the communityVDClanguage-contentNovice
Assigned to gauravkhambhala
Critical issue
Major issue

Other related issues

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.




#2318381: Message not styled properly on interface translation page
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalpostponedDrupalaton 2014language-uifrontend


#2224761: Add a generic way to add third party configuration on configuration entities and implement for field configuration
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalfixedbeta blockerField APIEntity Field APIConfiguration systemlanguage-contentDX (Developer Experience)
#1966436: Default *content* entity languages are not set for entities created with the API
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorfixedlanguage-contentEntity Field APIblocker
#2037979: "Current user's language" views filter label is named very misleading
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorfixedlanguage-contentVDCDrupalaton 2014blocker
#1974048: Limited display of languages when going back in installer is confusing
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalfixedlanguage-baseLONDON_2014_AUGUST
#2246679: Make Language module's LanguageInterface (to be ConfigurableLanguageInterface) extend Core's LanguageInterface
8.0.x-devtaskNormalfixedlanguage-baseDX (Developer Experience)API changeTCDrupal 2014LONDON_2014_AUGUST
#2318429: Language condition / block language visibility includes useless options
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalfixedlanguage-configDrupalaton 2014