Current multilingual focus issues

The issues currently being worked on by our team are marked with 'D8MI' and 'sprint' in the issue queue. Below is a pull-out of just those tasks to help you figure out what the team is working on and what needs reviews and help at the moment. Issues are colored and listed by importance. Come to our weekly meetings to discuss what to work on and get help with any issues you are working on.

Critical issue
Major issue

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

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To do

#1894596: content_translation_enable_widget() breaks user settings form
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds worklanguage-content
#2465901: [META] Make entity revision translation work
8.0.x-devtaskMajoractivelanguage-contentEntity Field API
#2473989: Lack of dynamic language field / filter makes shipping core views hard to be both compatible with mono and multilingual
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds workVDCUsabilityD8 Accelerate Dev Dayslanguage-contentD8 upgrade path
#2476563: Entity operations links tied to original entity language, ignore everything else
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds workVDClanguage-contentD8 AccelerateNeeds tests
#2499639: Use better labels for numeric fields when using a multiple plural forms language
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds worktranslationlanguage-uilanguage-configUsability
#1885962: Comment tokens should use entity translation API
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalneeds workEntity Field APINeeds testslanguage-content
#2533228: The english view module is showing german view name titles
8.0.0-beta12bug reportNormalactivelanguage-config

To review

#1810394: Exploit hook_entity_prepare_form() to set the form language without having to rely on the current language
8.0.x-devtaskMajorneeds reviewtranslatable fieldsAPI clean-uplanguage-contentdrupaldevdaysblocker
#2430335: Browser language detection is not cache aware
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewPerformancelanguage-baseD8 cacheability
#2462279: Language prefix for custom menu link paths are saved but not used
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewlanguage-basemedium
#2512466: Config translation needs to be validated on input for XSS (like other t string input)
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewsecurityD8 Security BountyD8 AccelerateDrupalNorth2015Needs testslanguage-config
#2514022: Multiple errors in PasswordItem::preSave(), leads to data loss if field is translatable
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewlanguage-contentsecurity
Assigned to mkalkbrenner
#2529182: Not all node, taxonomy entity tokens are multilingual aware
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewlanguage-contentNeeds tests
Assigned to legolasbo
#2538514: Remove argument support from Translation Annotation
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewlanguage-uiNeeds change recordNeeds beta evaluationAPI change
#2225775: Migrate D6 i18n nodes
8.0.x-devtaskMajorneeds reviewi18n-migratedrupal6Migrate criticalNeeds testslanguage-content
#2488568: Add a TypedDataManagerInterface and use it for typed parameters
8.0.x-devtaskNormalneeds reviewConfiguration systemtyped dataAPI changelanguage-config

To be committed

#2545730: Misuse of formatPlural() in Numeric field prefix/suffix
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorreviewed & tested by the communityD8 upgrade path
#2552867: Document DrupalTranslator::transChoice()'s non-standard formatPlural() usage
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalreviewed & tested by the communitylanguage-ui
Critical issue
Major issue

Other related issues

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.






#2561129: Composite indexes are not correctly deleted/re-created when updating a field storage definition
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalfixedD8 upgrade pathbeta targetentity storageD8 Acceleratelanguage-contentPostgreSQL