Content language and translation

This is one of the three pillars of the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative and refers to data stored within entities and using the field system.

Drupal 7 introduced field language support and with the contributed Entity translation module allows for nodes and other types of entities to be translated in-place (inside the entity). Drupal 7 also kept the Content translation core module introduced with Drupal 6 which only works with nodes and uses a set of nodes to maintain translations of the same content. Both approaches have issues however. The node set based solution is not applied to other entity types and poses problems for data shared among the nodes and for relations of the nodes with other data. The field translation solution also suffers from not all entity types having direct language support (in core), some data pieces not being fields (title, status flag, author, etc), no user interface in core and last but not least bad developer experience for translatable fields.

The biggest problem however is that there are two systems, people need to choose between them and developers need to code against both. So the primary plan for Drupal 8 is to unify content language support (and translation) on the general entity and field level building on field translation. By making the non-fields support language and extending language assignment to more entity types, we should be able to reproduce the node set based solution's advantages with the new system as well without the need to choose or develop against two systems.

A detailed plan for content language support can be found at The top priorities briefly are:

  1. Improve the developer experience of field languages considerably
  2. Introduce language support for data that is not (yet) fields: title, status, author, etc.
  3. Add language assignment to entities that don't currently support that: taxonomy, files, etc.
  4. Introduce new content translation module based on field translation with the above improvements
  5. Remove existing content translation module and provide a migration path for all existing data
  6. Provide better summaries and overviews of translation status on core administration pages

Entity translation UI improvements are tracked at

Critical issue
Major issue
Current top priority

Currently in the works for Drupal 8

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.

To do

#1854046: Add "changed" hints to translation settings page
8.5.x-devtaskMinorneeds workJavaScriptUsabilityaccessibilityNeeds manual testingtranslatable fieldslanguage of partsNeeds designsprint
#2484959: Properly pass langcode from contact message
8.5.x-devbug reportNormalneeds worksprint
#2529182: Not all node, taxonomy entity tokens are multilingual aware
8.4.x-devbug reportMajorneeds worksprintDublin2016SprintWeekend2017
Assigned to eiriksm
#2648288: StringFormatter generates links in wrong language when linking to entity
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalneeds worksprintDublin2016Needs tests
#2746527: [META] Handle data related to Drupal 6 and 7 node translations with different IDs
8.5.x-devPlanCriticalactivei18n-migratedrupal6sprintmigrate-d6-d8Migrate criticalTriaged D8 critical
#2746541: Migrate D6 node revision translations to D8
8.5.x-devtaskMajorneeds worki18n-migratedrupal6sprintmigrate-d6-d8
#2225587: Migrate D6 i18n menu links
8.4.x-devtaskMajorneeds worki18n-migratemigrate-d6-d8sprint
#2648750: Create menu link in the current content language on a node edit page
8.5.x-devfeature requestNormalneeds workmenu_uisprint
#1953892: Move language node access logic into NodeAccessController
8.4.x-devtaskMajorneeds workEntity systemphpunitNode accessEntity AccessEntity Field API
#2135829: EntityResource: translations support
8.5.x-devtaskMajorneeds workEntity Field APINeeds tests
#2137815: InvalidArgumentException: Invalid translation language specified.
8.5.x-devbug reportMajorneeds workentity APIneeds initial patchneeds issue summary updateTriaged for D8 major current stateTriaged D8 major
#2144377: Entity reference autocomplete lists entity labels only in current content language
8.4.x-devbug reportMajorneeds workTriaged D8 majorDevDaysSevilleNeeds product manager review
#2155787: Deprecate ContentTranslationController::getTranslationAccess() in favor of a proper access controller
8.5.x-devtaskMajorneeds workDX (Developer Experience)Amsterdam2014Security improvementssecurity
#2290101: UI telling you a field is shared across languages is way too subtle
8.5.x-devbug reportMajorneeds workDrupal wtfUsability
#2311295: Introduce MenuLinkContent bundles
#2313159: [meta] Make multilingual views work
#2443991: Allow default_langcode field value to be changed
8.4.x-devtaskMajoractiveEntity Field API
#2577609: Consider to split EntityInterface::preSave() and postSave() methods into multiple methods
8.5.x-devbug reportMajorneeds workEntity Field APIAPI additionNeeds tests
#2225681: Migrate D6 i18n blocks
8.4.x-devtaskMajorneeds worki18n-migratemigrate-d6-d8needs issue summary update
#15266: Replace aggregator category system with taxonomy
8.5.x-devtaskNormalneeds workAPI changelanguage-content-propertyMENU_LOCAL_ACTION
#1220964: Number field prefix/suffix get t()'ed through format_plural()
8.5.x-devbug reportNormalneeds workneeds backport to D7language-ui
#1431168: Properly build page content for node_add_page() so other modules can alter it.
8.4.x-devfeature requestNormalneeds workneeds issue summary update
#1498880: Theme language switcher for seven theme
8.5.x-devtaskNormalneeds workUsabilityfrontendlanguage-configmediumSprintWeekend2013
#1632222: Make node module inject language summary in language table
8.5.x-devfeature requestNormalneeds workNeeds tests
Assigned to pashupathi nath gajawada
#1807830: Improve UI by adding hint to add translation: source language collapsed field set
8.4.x-devfeature requestMinoractiveUsabilitytranslatable fieldsneeds steps to reproducemediumneeds initial patch
#1807902: add hint to field collapsed global settings: GLOBAL SETTINGS: Number of values (1), Field translation (disabled)
8.4.x-devfeature requestNormalactiveUsabilitytranslatable fieldschallengingneeds initial patch
#1832836: Discuss how to view original translation from translation form
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactiveUsabilitytranslatable fields
#1854030: Add hint to translation settings page when tables appear off screen
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactiveJavaScriptUsabilityaccessibilityNeeds manual testingtranslatable fields
#1855036: ARIA and accessibility improvements in entity (content) translation settings page
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactiveJavaScriptUsabilityaccessibilityNeeds manual testingariatranslatable fieldslanguage of partsSprintWeekend2013
#1893596: Can we remove field's own translatable setting from UI?
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactiveUsabilitytranslatable fields
#1909218: add (all languages) hint to synchronized fields on translation add/edit form
8.4.x-devtaskNormalneeds workUsabilityNeeds manual testingtranslatable fieldsmedium
Assigned to dsnopek
#1920876: Add a tiny bit of state magic in the image.module and hide the Title and Alt groups when the related form items are disabled
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalneeds workUsabilitytranslatable fieldsSprintWeekend2013drupalcampmumbai sprintNeeds testsJavaScriptdrupaldevdaysaccessibility
#1953904: Clarify comments mentioning fallback and default saving behavior for langcodes
8.4.x-devtaskMinoractiveNeeds testsEntity systemNode access
#1964428: Search module should keep language information on snippet content.
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalneeds workNeeds testsneeds backport to D7
#2004314: Add contextual information about languages in queries
#2004328: [Meta] Views integration with EFQ2
8.4.x-devtaskMinoractiveVDC-integrationtranslation editorial workflowlanguage-content-property
#2004352: Tidy up code following multilingual node properties patch
#2004356: Revisit node status condition in statistics_title_list()
#2031917: Docs follow-up Entity Translation API improvements
8.4.x-devtaskNormalneeds worktranslatable fieldsAPI clean-upEntity Field APIPost NG clean-up
#2036277: Language attribute is not attached node title on a full page
bug reportNormalactiveaccessibilitylanguage of partswcag
#2142885: Refactor ContentEntityBase internal field storage
8.4.x-devtaskNormalneeds workEntity Field API
#2144247: Possible Issue with default language when changing name of Configuration Entity via API
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalactivelanguage-config
Assigned to Schnitzel
#2144251: EntityViewBuilder may display different language if langcode is not specified
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactiveDX (Developer Experience)Entity Field API
#2173811: Consider making entity row renderers plugins
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactiveAPI additionPlugin-conversion
#2181617: Warning on adding translation to a content
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalactiveSprintWeekend2014
#2280675: Make file field save file language
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalneeds work
#2301465: Make comment threading per entity translation
#2302139: Standardize an efficient way to load data keyed by route name and parameters
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactiveDX (Developer Experience)MenuSystemRevampAPI changeNeeds architectural review
#2484411: Manual path aliases are not the same as aliases on the node form on single-language sites
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalneeds workDrupalaton 2015DUGBE0609Needs tests
#2507879: [no patch] Change record for automatic entity schema updates needs updating
8.4.x-devtaskNormalactived8dxEntity Field APIrc eligibleNeeds change record updates
#2746517: Automatically derive auxiliary migrations
#2754493: D6 synchronized fields aren't migrated properly
#2845975: Migrate Drupal 6 user profile field value option translations
Assigned to rakesh.gectcr
#2886609: Migrate D6 i18n translations of taxonomy vocabulary/terms
8.5.x-devbug reportNormalactivei18n-migratedrupal6migrate-d6-d8language-config

To review

#1833096: Cannot mark a translation itself as outdated
8.4.x-devtaskNormalneeds reviewUsabilitysprint
#2850085: Redirects for translation set migration path in Drupal 6 and 7
8.5.x-devtaskMajorneeds reviewMigrate criticalmigrate-d7-d8sprintmigrate-d6-d8Baltimore2017
#2346013: Improve DX of manually applying entity/field storage definition updates
8.4.x-devtaskMajorneeds reviewAPI additionEntity Field APIDX (Developer Experience)entity storageD8 upgrade path
#2473989: Lack of dynamic language field / filter makes shipping core views hard to be both compatible with mono and multilingual
8.4.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewVDCUsabilityD8 Accelerate Dev DaysD8 upgrade pathneeds issue summary updateTriaged D8 majorDrupalCampES
#2542834: Menu item translation : breadcrumb displays (twice) "add" that have no sense
8.4.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewSprintWeekendBerlinSprintWeekend2016needs issue summary update
Assigned to catch
#2599228: Programmatically created translatable content type returns SQL error on content creation
8.5.x-devbug reportMajorneeds reviewNeeds testsneeds issue summary update
#1885962: Comment tokens should use entity translation API
8.4.x-devbug reportNormalneeds reviewEntity Field APINeeds tests
#2004376: use $this->base_table and remove an if
8.5.x-devtaskMinorneeds reviewlanguage-content-propertyNeeds tests
#2582621: Support contact message translation
8.4.x-devtaskNormalneeds review

To be committed

Critical issue
Major issue
Current top priority

Other related issues

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.


#1164852: Inconsistencies in field language handling
7.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsneeds backport to D7
#1232120: Improve documentation of field multiple language system
7.x-devtaskMajorneeds workneeds issue summary updatetranslatable fieldsneeds backport to D7tfdx
#1260640: Improve field language API DX
7.x-devtaskMajorneeds reviewAPI additionmontrealneeds backport to D7tfdxtranslatable fields
#1534674: Comment field language is completely broken
7.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsAPI changeneeds backport to D77.22 release notes
#404116: Provide default choices on poll translations
6.x-devbug reportMinorClosed (outdated)needs backport to D6Noviceneeds backport to D7
Assigned to c31ck
#1074672: Allow language select to be rearranged inside node form
7.x-devfeature requestNormalneeds workNeeds testsneeds issue summary updateneeds backport to D7
Assigned to claudiu.cristea


#2766957: Forward revisions + translation UI can result in forked draft revisions
8.4.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Workflow Initiativecontent moderationsprintTriaged D8 criticalUsabilityWI critical
#1188388: Entity translation UI in core
8.0.x-devfeature requestCriticalclosed (fixed)JavaScriptUsabilityaccessibilitytranslatable fieldsneeds accessibility reviewfeature freezeCelebration video
Assigned to plach
#1498674: Refactor node properties to multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)UsabilityNeeds manual testingTwigfeature freezeVDC-integrationtranslation editorial workflowbudapest2012language-content-property
#1498720: [meta] Make the entity storage system handle changes in the entity and field schema definitions
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)d8dxEntity Field APIContributed project blockerDX (Developer Experience)Drupalaton 2014needs issue summary updatebeta blocker
Assigned to plach
#1810370: Entity Translation API improvements
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsAPI clean-upEntity Field APIPost NG clean-up
Assigned to plach
#1818556: Convert nodes to the new Entity Field API
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)WSCCIEntity Field APISprintWeekend2013language-content-property
#1857256: Convert the taxonomy listing and feed at /taxonomy/term/%term to Views
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCbeta targetneeds profilingNeeds change record updates
Assigned to catch
#1867518: Leverage entityDisplay to provide fast rendering for fields
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCD8 cacheabilityPerformanceNeeds D8 critical triageD8 AccelerateD8 Accelerate Dev Days
#1952062: Remove legacy translation module in favor of content translation
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)upgrade pathbeta blockerD8 upgrade pathLONDON_2013_AUGUST
#2004626: Make non-configurable field translation settings available in the content language settings
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)API changeEntity Field APItranslation editorial workflowlanguage-content-propertyApproved API change
#2019055: Switch from field-level language fallback to entity-level language fallback
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)API changeEntity Field APIApproved API changePrague Hard Problems
Assigned to plach
#2030913: Comment module WSOD due to old translation_entity module name used
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)regressionRTBC July 1
#2040265: Add a _entity_view routing default for viewing an entity
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)blocker
Assigned to larowlan
#2057401: Make the node entity database schema sensible
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)API changeD8 upgrade pathVDCEntity Field APIApproved API change
#2102503: Convert ContentTranslationController to CMI
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Configuration systemConfig novice
#2111887: Regression: Only title (of base fields) on nodes is marked as translatable
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)language-content-propertyNeeds manual testingEntity Field APIUsabilityNeeds followup
#2129039: Integrity constraint violation when translating body field
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Field systementity APIalpha target
#2143291: Clarify handling of field translatability
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIDrupalDays Milano 2014beta blocker
Assigned to plach
#2144263: Decouple entity field storage from configurable fields
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIbeta blocker
Assigned to catch
#2149649: Entity rendering/theming does not use the active entity language to render links
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)LONDON_2014_JANUARYSprintWeekend2014Random test failureNeeds followup
#2177469: Move node base widgets to the top level of the form
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)beta blockerEntity systemSprintWeekend2014Entity Field API
#2188675: "Translate" local task always visible, leads to WSOD
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)regressionLONDON_2014_MAYDrupalaton 2014LONDON_2014_AUGUST
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#2215507: Downloads broken for translated private files
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)file handling
#2224761: Add a generic way to add third party configuration on configuration entities and implement for field configuration
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)beta blockerField APIEntity Field APIConfiguration systemDX (Developer Experience)
#2288123: Basic authentication broken for non-english sites
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)
#2341323: Adapt the references field / table names in views, when corresponding entity schema changes
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCbeta targetD8 upgrade pathPre-AMS beta sprintEntity Field APITriaged D8 criticalGhent DA sprintentity storageD8 Accelerate
#2342045: Standard views base fields need to use same rendering as Field UI fields, for formatting, access checking, and translation consistency
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCsecurityblockerCriticalADayGhent DA sprintentity storageD8 upgrade pathPerformance regression
#2363155: content_translation.settings config is not scalable
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)PerformanceConfiguration systemConfigurablesAPI changeD8 upgrade pathGhent DA sprint
#2387019: String field formatters cannot link to their parent entity
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCGhent DA sprint
Assigned to dawehner
#2401497: Field UI creates fields that can never be translated
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APItranslatable fieldsD8 upgrade path
Assigned to plach
#2404739: language_entity_field_access() doesn't work if $items isn't present
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2015
#2407801: Views generic field handler does not work with base fields
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCCritical Office Hoursblocker
#2414721: EntityAdapter should be instantiated per language
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field API
#2429447: Use data table as views base table, if available.
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCblockerentity storageD8 upgrade pathPerformanceTriaged D8 critical
#2431329: Make (content) translation language available as a field definition
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APID8 upgrade pathAPI change
#2453153: Node revisions cannot be reverted per translation
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)drupaldevdaysD8 upgrade pathEntity Field APIentity storage
#2484037: Make Views bulk operations entity translation aware
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)VDCD8 AccelerateUsabilityNeeds usability review
Assigned to webchick
#2486177: Deleting an entity translation from the UI deletes the whole entity
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)D8 AccelerateLONDON_2015_MAY
#2486433: Make ViewsForm stop marking itself as needing to be cached
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)D8 cacheabilityVDC
#2512718: EntityManager::getTranslationFromContext() should add the content language cache context to the entity
8.0.x-devtaskCriticalclosed (fixed)PerformanceD8 cacheabilityD8 AccelerateD8 Accelerate LondonEntity Field API
#2555665: When index is added for content_translation_uid, the corresponding stored schema definition is not updated
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)entity storageblockerD8 upgrade pathTriaged D8 criticalbeta target
#2561129: Composite indexes are not correctly deleted/re-created when updating a field storage definition
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)D8 upgrade pathbeta targetentity storageD8 AcceleratePostgreSQL
#2564843: Account settings can't be saved with content translation enabled
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (duplicate)
Assigned to googletorp
#2639352: File records, files themselves lost in translation
8.0.x-devbug reportCriticalclosed (fixed)
#258785: Provide more flexible settings for initial language on content types
8.0.x-devfeature requestMajorclosed (fixed)JavaScript
Assigned to Schnitzel
#293318: Convert Aggregator feeds into entities
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity systemAPI change
Assigned to ParisLiakos
#540294: Move node language settings from Locale to Node module
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Framework Initiative
#916388: Convert menu links into entities
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Needs architectural reviewEntity systemtokenxmlsitemapWSCCI
Assigned to amateescu
#1188394: Make title behave as a configurable, translatable field (again)
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (won't fix)Entity systemtranslatable fields
#1277776: Add generic field/property getters/setters (with optional language support) for entities
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)Entity systemmontreal
Assigned to fago
#1439692: Rename field language properties to langcode
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)translatable fieldslangcode
Assigned to catch
#1498660: Refactor taxonomy entity properties to multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)needs issue summary updatelanguage-content-propertybeta target
#1498664: Refactor user entity properties to multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)language-content-propertybeta deadlineNeeds change record
#1499596: Introduce a basic entity form controller
8.0-alpha2feature requestMajorclosed (fixed)Entity systemAPI changeEntity forms
#1658712: Refactor test_entity schema to be multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity systemAPI change
#1658846: Add language support to node access grants and records
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity systemNode accesstranslation editorial workflowepic
#1691952: Make EntityFieldQuery work with multilingual properties
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)needs issue summary updateVDC
Assigned to plach
#1724366: Add support for multilingual properties to EntityFieldQuery
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (duplicate)Entity system
Assigned to plach
#1738368: Not possible to use the entity getter to retrieve non-translatable field values
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Needs testsEntity system
#1751210: Convert URL alias form element into a field and field widget
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (duplicate)UsabilityNeeds testsKiller End-User FeaturestokenpathautoPlatform InitiativeNeeds rerollRTBC Feb 18
#1757232: Improve test coverage for the entity form controller
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity forms
#1778178: Convert comments to the new Entity Field API
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIlanguage-content-property
Assigned to catch
#1807366: Make fields translatable by default when enabling translation on a bundle
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (duplicate)Usabilitytranslatable fields
#1807692: Introduce a column synchronization capability and use it to translate alt and titles through the image field widget
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Needs usability reviewUsabilityaccessibilitytranslatable fieldsfeature freeze
#1807776: Support both simple and editorial workflows for translating entities
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Usabilitytranslatable fieldstranslation editorial workflow
#1810350: Remove menu_* entity keys and replace them with entity links
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsAPI changeAPI clean-upDX (Developer Experience)
#1810386: Create workflow to setup multilingual for entity types, bundles and fields
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)JavaScriptUsabilityaccessibilityariatranslatable fieldsaria-live
#1818560: Convert taxonomy entities to the new Entity Field API
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity systemSparkEntity Field APIlanguage-content-property
Assigned to Berdir
#1818570: Convert users to the new Entity Field API
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIlanguage-content-property
#1833108: disabling translation of fields with data stalls and does not work
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (cannot reproduce)Needs tests
#1833334: EntityNG: integrate a dynamic property data table handling
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field API
Assigned to catch
#1842858: [PP-1] Convert menu links to the new Entity Field API
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (duplicate)API changeneeds profilingEntity Field APIlanguage-content-propertyField API NG blockerApproved API changeneeds issue summary updatebeta target
#1916790: Convert translation metadata into regular entity fields
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)API changeEntity Field APIbeta targetD8 upgrade pathGhent DA sprint
#1946462: Convert content_translation_translatable_form() to the new form interface
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (works as designed)Needs testsFormInterfaceRTBC July 1
Assigned to andypost
#1966298: Introduce menu link bundles per menus
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Needs tests
Assigned to das-peter
#1966398: [PP-1] Refactor menu link properties to multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (duplicate)language-content-propertybeta target
#1966436: Default *content* entity languages are not set for entities created with the API
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIblocker
#1968970: Standardize module-provided entity info documentation and clean-up the @EntityType annotation
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)documentationPlugin systemAnnotationbeta targetEntity Field API
#2006606: Views rendering ignores entity language, eg: Identical nodes rendered in views when nodes have translations
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014language-content-propertyVDC
#2014617: Unsaved menu links have the wrong bundle (always 'tools')
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)language-config
#2037979: "Current user's language" views filter label is named very misleading
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)VDCDrupalaton 2014blocker
#2046541: Unable to activate content translation in the content type edit form.
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)DdaySan2013-sprint
Assigned to e0ipso
#2067079: Remove the Field Language API
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsAPI changeField APIEntity Field APIPrague Hard Problemsbeta blocker
#2068325: [META] Convert entity SQL queries to the Entity Query API
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field API
#2072945: Remove the $langcode parameter in EntityAccessControllerInterface::access() and friends
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)API changeEntity AccessEntity Field APIrc deadlineSecurity improvements
#2076445: Make sure language codes for original field values always match entity language regardless of field translatability
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsField APIEntity Field APIPrague Hard ProblemsDX (Developer Experience)user experienceblocker
#2089853: TranslatableForm totally broken
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (duplicate)Needs tests
#2103331: Error on adding translation to a content
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (cannot reproduce)
#2127725: Remove category handling from aggregator
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)API clean-upAPI changeVDC-cleanupVDC
#2135787: Move static config entity local tasks to local_tasks.yml
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)MenuSystemRevampWSCCISparkNeeds tests
#2137917: Write a migration for untranslatable field languages
8.3.x-devtaskMajorclosed (works as designed)Entity Field APItranslatable fieldsimpi18n-migrateNeeds tests
#2142987: Multilingual node search bugs with title and language filtering
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Needs testsVienna2013
Assigned to k4v
#2143729: Entity definitions miss a language entity key
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)regressionD8MASprintWeekend2014MANCHESTER_2014_APRIL
Assigned to alexpott
#2148797: field_language() always NULL for non-configurable fields (=> in-place editing of node title fails)
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Sparkalpha target
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#2154701: Regression: Contextual links broken, tabs erroneously added after enabling content translation module
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Needs testsregression
Assigned to pfrenssen
#2160965: Content entities are not upcast in the page language, inconsistent with config entities
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIAPI changebeta targetAmsterdam2014
#2217943: Views cannot be filtered by language of translation
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)VDCblocker
#2256497: [meta] Menu Links - New Plan for the Homestretch
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)MenuSystemRevampAPI changeNeeds architectural review
#2312153: Refactor block_content entity schema to multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)language-content-propertybeta deadlineNeeds tests
#2322097: Enforce data tables for translatable entity types in the SQL entity storage
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIbeta deadline
#2345607: Translated taxonomy terms not rendered in the entity display language
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)D8MIAMSAmsterdam2014
Assigned to Désiré
#2346315: Translated entity references not rendered in the entity display language
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Amsterdam2014
Assigned to Désiré
#2375845: Ensure entity language field name can be defined by the entity provider
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (duplicate)Entity Field APIAPI addition
#2375879: Don't filter languages in case it is not needed.
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)VDCPerformance
#2394041: Row language settings from entity views should be on display level for all views
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)VDC
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#2399211: Support all options from views fields in DateTime formatters
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2015VDCLONDON_2015_MAY
#2428103: String formatter should link to its translation.
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)#drupalgoa2015blockerD8 Accelerate
#2428795: Translatable entity 'changed' timestamps are not working at all
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)D8 upgrade pathdrupaldevdaysAPI addition
#2451657: Views should not condition joins on the langcode of fields that are not translatable
8.4.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)VDCTriaged D8 majorSprintWeekend2017SprintWeekendBerlinDevDaysSeville
#2465907: Node revision UI reverts multiple languages when only one language should be reverted
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Usabilityrc targetneeds issue summary update
Assigned to webchick
#2470952: Path deletion should be removed in path module after content translation removal
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)Novicedrupaldevdaysneeds issue summary update
#2476563: Entity operations links tied to original entity language, ignore everything else
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)VDCD8 Acceleraterc target
Assigned to catch
#2479815: Remove obsolete ContentEntityInterface::initTranslation() method
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)NoviceQuick fixNeeds change record
#2480921: Make the node entity's revision_log untranslatable
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)rc deadline
#2485159: Switch admin/content from showing one translation per row to one node per row
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (won't fix)needs technical directionNeeds usability review
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#2503025: EntityStorageInterface::loadRevision() implementations are not statically cached
8.2.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (duplicate)PerformanceEntity Field API
#2534556: Account settings can't be saved if content_translation module enabled
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (duplicate)Needs tests
#2225775: Migrate Drupal 6 core node translation to Drupal 8
8.2.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)i18n-migratedrupal6Migrate criticalmigrate-d6-d8neworleans2016DrupalNorth2016DevDaysMilan8.2.0 release notes
#2581721: Ensure consistency between $langcode parameter and entity language in the Entity Access API
8.0.x-devtaskMajorclosed (duplicate)API changeEntity Field APIrc deadlineNeeds change record
#2599246: data in bulk_form_key should not be separated by -
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)rc target
#2344277: Importing node.title with translation fails
8.0.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)REST
#2225717: Add config translation support to migrations and implement for Drupal 6 user profile fields
8.3.x-devtaskMajorclosed (fixed)i18n-migratedrupal6migrate-d6-d8Migrate BC breakblockerrc deadline8.3.0 release notes
#2751223: D6 & D7 users are migrated into D8 with incorrect langcode
8.2.x-devbug reportMajorclosed (fixed)i18n-migratedrupal6migrate-d6-d8neworleans2016drupal7migrate-d7-d8Dublin2016Migrate critical
#430886: Make all blocks fieldable entities
9.x-devfeature requestNormalclosed (won't fix)UsabilityEntity systemAPI clean-upBlocks-LayoutsPlugin systemneeds issue summary update
Assigned to indytechcook
#731298: Searches for words with diacritics/accents: word not highlighted in results
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)
Assigned to pjonckiere
#1018602: Move entity system to a module
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)needs issue summary updateFramework InitiativeAPI clean-upConfiguration system
#1164926: Nodes need to have languages specified separately for accessibility
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)accessibilitywcaghtml5I10n
#1184944: Make entities classed objects, introduce CRUD support
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)Entity system
#1279624: Add translation filter to content listing admin page
8.0.x-devfeature requestNormalclosed (duplicate)UsabilityNovicemontrealVDCchallengingSprintWeekend2013
#1345970: Rename "Translate" tab to "Translations"
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)#d7ux#d8uxneeds backport to D7
#1410096: Convert comment language code schema to langcode
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)langcode
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#1410114: Rename $user language property to something else
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (won't fix)langcode
#1439680: Rename $user language property to langcode
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)langcode
Assigned to kalman.hosszu
#1439686: Rename $node language property to langcode
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)langcode
Assigned to tstoeckler
#1444966: Add langcode property in taxonomy schema
8.0.x-devfeature requestNormalclosed (duplicate)langcode
Assigned to csg
#1444992: Add langcode property in file schema
8.0.x-devfeature requestNormalclosed (duplicate)langcodeD8Media
#1498634: [meta] Define revision/translation SQL schema for core entities (no patch)
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)D8MI-meta
Assigned to catch
#1498662: Refactor comment entity properties to multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)language-content-propertybeta target
#1498874: Provide language awareness to entity forms (introduce the form language concept)
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Entity forms
Assigned to peximo
#1616952: Add a langcode parameter to EntityInterface::label()
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Entity system
#1642070: Make use of entity labels in templates
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)
#1658814: Make node_access() language-aware
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Entity system
Assigned to Gábor Hojtsy
#1667614: Make node revision access language aware
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Entity system
#1669876: Add missing language functionality in search module
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)
Assigned to balintk
#1757504: Regression: language field is not visible on manage display
8.0.x-devbug reportMinorclosed (fixed)Needs tests
#1807800: Add status and authoring information as generic entity translation metadata
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsAPI clean-upfeature freezebudapest2012
Assigned to catch
#1810320: Remove EntityTranslationControllerInterface::getAccess() once have entity access
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Novicetranslatable fieldsAPI clean-upEntity Access
#1810330: Remove EntityTranslationControllerInterface::removeTranslation()
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)translatable fieldsAPI clean-upmedium
#1831444: EntityNG: Support for revisions for entity save and delete operations
8.0.x-devfeature requestNormalclosed (fixed)Entity Field API
Assigned to das-peter
#1831530: Entity translation UI in core (part 2)
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)
Assigned to catch
#1832870: Only show source translation column if there are 2 or more source languages (more than n/a and the original language).
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)UsabilityNovicetranslatable fieldsSprintWeekend2014TUNIS_2014_JANUARY
#1833104: Add a "translatable" column to Manage Fields
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)UsabilityNeeds testsaccessibility
Assigned to nagwani
#1833112: Make translations consistant with other delete tab patterns
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (won't fix)Usability
#1833184: Find a consistent naming scheme for translation-related modules
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Usabilitylanguage-uilanguage-configbudapest2012
#1833196: could not have interface in language A and create a translation from language B to language C
8.3.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)UsabilityNeeds testsneeds steps to reproduce
#1849316: Undefined function _field_ui_bundle_admin_path when no field is translatable
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)
Assigned to csg
#1853720: Hide language selection option is backwards
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Usabilitymedium
#1854056: Handle shared fields in translation settings
8.0.x-devtaskMinorclosed (duplicate)JavaScriptUsabilityaccessibilityNeeds manual testingtranslatable fields
#1874102: Rename language switcher blocks (to differentiate content and UI)
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)UsabilityNovicelanguage-configneeds initial patchbudapest2012
#1876122: Missing new line near enable/disable translation on global field settings tab
8.0.x-devtaskMinorclosed (won't fix)UsabilityFields in CoreNovicestring freeze
#1885146: Relocate bundle specific translation permissions
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)Usabilitytranslatable fieldstranslation editorial workflow
#1905870: Make feeds/feed items multilingual
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)
#1909202: Use modals in operations column of language settings config page
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (won't fix)Usabilityaccessibilitymodal dialogtranslatable fields
#1911080: Replace menu node form additions with entity reference field
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)API clean-up
#1917212: Add checkbox in installer to enable content translation (if in foreign language)
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (won't fix)Needs usability reviewUsability
#1919022: Remove translatable tag
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)API clean-up
#1929140: Explore performance of config caching per context
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (won't fix)Configuration system
#1938422: When configuring which parts of an image field are translatable, should we allow insane combinations?
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)Usabilitytranslatable fieldsmediumneeds initial patch
#1949870: Translation (deprecated) UI broken
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Quick fix
#1978810: Block body rendered escaped when editing translation
8.2.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (cannot reproduce)
#1978992: Convert translation_node_overview() to a Controller
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)WSCCI-conversionCodeSprintUA
#1985488: Consider renaming translation_entity module
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)Entity Field API
#1987726: Convert language content page related callback to new style controller
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)WSCCI-conversionLONDON_2013_JULYLondon_2013_OctoberAPI change
#1987882: Convert content_translation routes to a new style controller
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Stalking CrellWSCCI-conversionMANCHESTER_2014_APRIL
#1993928: Language of parts: Introduce a language toolbar button
8.1.x-devfeature requestNormalclosed (fixed)accessibilityatagwcaglanguage of partsCKEditor in coredcamsa11yAmsterdam2014DrupalCamp Ghent 2014API addition8.1.0 release notes
Assigned to BarisW
#1998416: Filter on the desired node status field language and just fall back to the default language.
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)Needs manual testingfeature freezelanguage-content-property
#2004330: [META] Convert queries to entity field query v2
8.0.x-devtaskMinorclosed (duplicate)language-content-property
#2004362: Remove special property language code to handle comments once comments are field
8.0.x-devtaskMinorclosed (cannot reproduce)language-content-property
#2004366: Make the {node_field_revision}.log column nullable so that we can simplify code and remove an if
8.0.x-devtaskMinorclosed (fixed)language-content-propertyCodeSprintUANeeds reroll
#2007632: Create multilingual install profile.
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (works as designed)Needs usability reviewUsabilityinstallerlanguage-base
#2014955: Deleted bundles do not have their language configuration deleted
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Amsterdam2014SprintWeekend2015SprintWeekend2015Queue
#2025991: Introduce hook_entity_prepare_form() to generalize hook_node_prepare()
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)API additionEntity forms
Assigned to plach
#2026089: Change the documentation page link in content_translation module
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)documentationNovice
#2049387: Locale string change styles applied too excessively
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)CSSQuick fixregressionstyleguidefrontendlanguage-ui
Assigned to mdrummond
#2059719: Content translation admin CSS file not renamed from translation_entity.admin.css
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Quick fixregression
Assigned to mdrummond
#2060271: Content translation module admin page does not support RTL
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)CSSRTLfrontend
Assigned to thamas
#2091479: Update hook_help for content_translation module
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)NoviceNeeds manual testing
#2106501: Remove unused hook_install() from field_test module
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)NoviceEntity Field API
#2112303: Random extra text around translatability configuration is confusing
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)regressionaccesssibility
#2123867: Simplify/cleanup language handling in EntityFormController
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)API changeConfiguration systemlanguage-configEntity Field APILONDON_2014_JANUARYSprintWeekend2014
#2125497: Field translation test is still use the old field_name property
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)
Assigned to yched
#2138133: Clean up maintainers.txt and changelog.txt for multilingual changes
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)language-baselanguage-configComponent maintainers
#2142979: Entity label langcode argument is a lie, incompatible with current API
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)API clean-upVienna2013Approved API change
#2143013: "Not specified" and "Not applicable" appear as children of previous item
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)user experienceQuick fix
#2143023: Move Translation tab on node translation form to right sidebar
8.0.x-devbug reportMinorclosed (fixed)Usability
Assigned to FrancescoQ
#2155665: Update field_valid_language() calls in edit.module
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)beta targetEntityField APISpark
Assigned to Wim Leers
#2156945: Clean up installer entity defaults following bugfix
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)
Assigned to Berdir
#2161177: 'language' extra field doesn't display the language selected in the node form
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Entity Field APIentity translation
#2224607: Move all functions from file to Drupal\content_translation\Controller\ContentTranslationController class
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)Novicetranslatable fields@deprecated
Assigned to andrei.dincu
#2250841: Adding a inline template for content translation status
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Novice#Drupal8#themeSafeMarkup
#2287415: Include permissions in hook_help for content_translation module
8.0.x-devtaskMinorclosed (duplicate)Needs manual testing
#2292821: Use widget for comment subject field
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Entity Field API
Assigned to larowlan
#2305799: HTML tags (raw) shown in Status column on Translations page
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)TCDrupal 2014SafeMarkup
#2310475: Admin theme for translation tabs just works for nodes
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)blocker
#2323899: Provided default Node views need language filtering
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)VDCNovice
Assigned to gauravkhambhala
#2328161: "Enable Translation" checkbox default non-predictable for new bundles
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Amsterdam2014
Assigned to k4v
#2346207: Reworking content_translation_enabled()
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (cannot reproduce)Amsterdam2014
#2350499: Double message after content translations saved
8.0.x-devbug reportMinorclosed (fixed)Amsterdam2014
#2357995: De-obfuscate entity row language rendering settings in views
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)VDCuser experience
#2359323: Language results for JSON REST services not correct
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)Entity Field APINeeds testsREST
#2368081: Remove outdated @todo in hook_user_install()
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Entity Field API
#2378565: Add langcode token to comment
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)Noviceneeds issue summary update
Assigned to aneek
#2394951: Page title escaped with HTML markup when editing content translation
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)TwigSafeMarkupdcdelhiSprintWeekend2015SprintWeekend2015Queue
Assigned to subhojit777
#2416923: Does not translate when is an anonymous user
8.0.x-devsupport requestNormalclosed (fixed)
#2420737: Differences in dynamic language names are confusing in views, content, etc.
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)VDCUsabilitydrupaldevdaysblockerNeeds followup
#2427819: Translating menu item unpublishes original translation
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (cannot reproduce)Needs tests
#2449457: inconsistent checks in content_translation
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)Contributed project blocker
#2465901: [META] Make entity revision translation work
8.1.x-devPlanNormalclosed (fixed)Entity Field API
#2594263: Add translation data to Migrate Drupal's test fixtures
8.0.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)rc eligiblei18n-migrate
Assigned to phenaproxima
#2632560: Content translation implements nonexistent hook_enable
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)
#2640886: Unable to import translation, HTML restriction
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (duplicate)language-config
#2342015: Content Translation module still implements hook_enable
8.1.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)london_2016_januarySprintWeekend2016
#2651986: Local task link "Translate" is not translated
8.0.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2016
#2660028: Migrate node translation settings
8.2.x-devtaskNormalclosed (duplicate)i18n-migratemigrate-d6-d8
#2662078: Update the misleading warning message in Content Translation module
8.1.x-devbug reportNormalclosed (fixed)documentationNoviceString change in 8.1.0
#2746293: Migrate content_translation_source when migrating node translations
8.3.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)i18n-migratedrupal6migrate-d6-d8
#2755525: Invoke field methods first on the current entity translation
8.2.x-devtaskNormalclosed (fixed)DevDaysMilanrc deadline
#2225465: Migrate d6 i18n node options
8.2.x-devtaskNormalclosed (won't fix)i18n-migratedrupal6migrate-d6-d8Dublin2016