Drupal 8 multilingual improvements


  • Natively install in 94 languages
  • Simplified language configuration
  • Two special languages instead of one (Not specified/Not applicable)
  • Assign language to everything (content and configuration alike, eg. pages, views, menus, etc.)
  • English may be deleted
  • Blocks may be language dependent and more page elements are blocks
  • Better language selection defaults (URL negotiation enabled by default)
  • Browser language detection made configurable with external language codes
  • Newly configurable fallback selected language
  • Admin interface language selection option per user
  • Transliteration built-in for machine names


  • Automated downloads and updates
  • One central directory that may be deployed
  • Batched imports for optimal memory handling
  • Built-in translation UI revamped for easier editing
  • Plural version editable on an integrated interface
  • Protected custom translations, exportable
  • English text customizable
  • Default shipped configuration is translated


  • Flexible language defaults configuration
  • Freely position or hide the language selector
  • Field-level translation configurability
  • Optionally share image between translations on image fields
  • Applies to all types of content (taxonomy, user fields, products, rules, etc)
  • Views integrated with flexible filtering and display options
  • Integrated fully with core search as separate results
  • Exposed language information via search API
  • Per-language content access


  • All configuration is translatable (roles, text formats, blocks, views, panels, etc.)
  • Built-in responsive translation interface
  • Overview screen for translators, contextual translation tabs for site builders
  • All shipped config pre-translatable on localize.drupal.org

Drupal was never as multilingual as Drupal 8 is. Read more in an article series by Gábor Hojtsy and/or watch the video below for more details on the features. To try out the improvements yourself, check out our demonstration distribution and workshop handouts. Also, these are just the multilingual advancements, Drupal 8 comes with a lot more improvements overall!